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Label Head Comparison


1) Premier Label Heads

2) Technical Specifications

3) P250 Label Head Machine Range

4) P100 Label Head Machine Range

5) Why Premier Label Heads?

Premier Label Heads

We manufacture two standard types of labelling head (also known as label applicator or dispenser). The highest specification head we offer is the P250 label head that is renowned for incredibly high label placement accuracy of ±0.5mm, and fast line speeds with a maximum label feed speed of 50m/min. Putting that into a production perspective, some of our customers utilise the P250 to label accurately and consistently at line speeds of up to 450 units per minute. However this is label length dependent and the majority fall within a 50-200 average units per minute window.

The other label head we manufacture is the P100 label head. Originally designed as a flash label applicator the P100 is ideal for applying small labels (such as tamper evident seals) at relatively high speeds, however throughput is limited on longer label lengths with a maximum feed speed of 25m/min. It also has less advanced features and adjustment options but can still label within a ±1mm window.

Technical Specifications

P250: P100:

Maximum head speed: 50m/min 25m/min

Placement accuracy: ±0.5mm ±1mm

Adjustment: 8 way 6 way

Label reel size: Ø400mm Ø300mm

Core size: Ø76mm Ø76mm

Maximum label web size: 300mm* 210mm

Process Optimisation Technology: Optional No

P250 Label Head Machine Range:

P100 Label Head Machine Range:

P100 applicator series

P100 top and base series

P120 mini-wrap

P120 three-roller wrap

C-Wrap (with high speed modifications)

Why Premier Label Heads?

There are hundreds of labelling options available on the market and for those just starting out in the world of automatic labelling, finding the right solution can be tricky. Premier Labellers have a dedicated point of contact who will help choose the correct solution for your requirements. We also manufacture all of our label heads at our sole UK facility, unlike some companies who purchase label heads from overseas or utilise another manufacturer. We have an excellent customer service record throughout the industry and a service team on standby should you need any help or training on your label heads. The heads themselves require very little maintenance, which can be done by an operator with no engineering experience whatsoever.

How Can We Help?

You can view our range of machines and if you need any help finding a solution please contact our team.

Disclaimer: Premier Labellers do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of this information. Any action you take on the information from this website is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses or damages in connection with the use of our website. No contractual relationship can be formed from the information in this article.

*125mm or 210mm are standard, 300mm available for large products on bespoke applications.

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