Premier P150
Basic Front & Back Labelling

Product Summary

The P150 is our basic solution to front and back labelling on small production lines, or it can be used as a manually loaded system. This machine uses our standard P100 label head found on most of our P range of machines, which has been proven over 20 years. The P150 is customisable to your requirements, with the ability to run front and back, wraparound, or single sided labelling at the touch of a button. The latest developments make it more flexible than ever before: we have added a new in/out adjustment on the label head which makes adjusting settings much simpler for an operator, and the adjustment has digital readout dials to make the setup repeatable. The P150 is not ideal for the high degree of accuracy required within certain industries such as beauty, cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, vitams, etc. For high-tolerance labelling and for contract packers with a wide range of products, we recommend our flagship X250 instead.


Reiable front and back labelling

P150 ISO View.jpg
P150 Through View.jpg

Customised to your products

  • Front label head

  • Rear label head

  • Three-roller wrap unit

  • Linear wrap unit

  • Top hold belt

  • Chain alignment system

  • Twin pitching (spacing) rollers

  • Date and batch coding unit


Built and tested in Britain

P100 Label Head (Front).jpg

Our range of labelling machines have fantastic application potential to a variety of different product containers, bottles and jars. Some of the most popular containers for this machine are shown below. As the P150 is customisable, we have been able to develop modular components to fit most containers on one simple system. So if your container is not listed, we most probably can still accommodate to your labelling needs. Get in touch and tell us about your product! 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.