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Frequently Asked Questions

Labelling Machines

Q. Do you support old machines such as the P200 and P400?

A. We try to support all of our machines for as long as possible and we help on training, setup, and mechanical replacement parts where possible. However, electrical components for these machines are now completely obsolete and mechanical parts are becoming increasingly difficult to replace and are therefore expensive. We ceased manufacturing these models in 2010 when we started manufacturing the P250. We offer a trade-in programme for old machines.

Q. Do you have a price list for your machines?

A. Our machines utilise a range of standard and special purpose attachments to make sure they are manufactured to meet your exact requirements. For this reason, we do not supply a price list. Instead, we recommend you send us your requirements and we will recommend the most suitable model with any additions/subtractions.

Q. What is the lead time on your machines?

A. The lead time is subject on the current production schedule and availability of fabricated parts from our suppliers. This usually ranges from 6-14 weeks from receipt of deposit to FAT depending on how bespoke the system is.

Q. I need a machine quickly, do you have any in stock?

A. Most of our machines are built-to-order, custom to your requirements. We do have the P50, which is an off-the-shelf solution for wraparound labelling but please be aware of it's very strict product types and sizes. We have a couple of P250 machines on the rental circuit but these are usually booked out in advance.

Q. Do you manufacture semi-automatic / bench-top labellers?

A. No, we only manufacture in-line labelling systems and label applicators however we do partner with another company in the UK to distribute semi-auto machines.

Q. Where are your machines made?

A. Everything is built in house at our sole facility in the UK. Our engineers manufacture all assemblies and complete systems from the ground up, using local suppliers where possible. Our electronic controls are primarily Siemens that come from Germany but via a UK distributor and our fabricated panels are manufactured no more than 1 mile away from our factory

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. Our standard terms require a deposit, an amount following successful FAT so you can see the machine running correctly, followed by the balance after delivery. We also welcome you to use any finance company of yours choice, providing they are happy to pay the deposit.

Q. Do you ship outside of the UK?

A. Yes, we manufacture in the UK but distribute globally on an ex-works basis. We have a dedicated agent in South Africa and Dubai, and partner with various businesses around the world.

Q. I’m looking to upgrade my machine to a higher specification model, do you accept trade-ins?

A. Yes, we’re happy to trade in old equipment against new equipment.

Q. Do you offer finance to your customers?

A. We don’t offer finance directly as we are not a credit broker, however we are more than happy to work with any finance company of your choice, and we can recommend finance companies that we have worked with previously. This gives you the greatest flexibility to find the best interest rates and terms.

Q. What minimum and maximum bottle sizes can your machines handle?

A. There is no defined minimum and maximum, we manufacture the equipment to suit the product, rather than the machine dictating what is suitable. As a general rule of thumb as long as the product is stable when travelling in a linear direction along a conveyor, we can label it.

Q. What label winding do I need for your machines?

A. We have a specific label winding guide for our machines here.


Q. What regular maintenance should be completed?

A. The machines are always supplied with a manual outlining the daily, weekly, and monthly recommended maintenance and spare parts lists. If you are missing the manual please contact us with the serial number and we can provide an electronic copy for you.

Q. Do you offer operator and engineer training?

A. Yes, we have dedicated technical support engineers available to offer refresher training for any members of staff.

Q. The brake on the label head is hot to touch, is there a fault?

A. No, the brakes work by constantly braking unless in motion so they do get hot naturally if left on without running.

Contract Packing

Q. Do you offer contract packing?

A. Yes, we run two business internally. One is dedicated to manufacturing equipment, and the other is dedicated to contract filling, labelling, batch coding, gift packing, and more.

Q. What is your lead time?

A. As a general rule we say 2-3 weeks turnaround, however this is dependant on the current schedule and we can usually slot in smaller quantity orders in between larger runs.

Q. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

A. No, we just have a very small minimum order value of £280 to help small businesses with short production runs.

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