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Premier 270

Automatic Container Labelling System for Food Packs and Trays

Our Premier C-Wrap labeller is capable of applying a single, large label onto food packs, which is applied to three sides of the container. The common form of universally used food packs means that the resultant shape the label forms is often in the rough shape of the letter “C”. The Premier C-Wrap labelling unit has been specifically developed at the request of the meat and vegetable packing industry, to enable multi-pack stacking and eye level shopping, to encourage easy label reading.

C-Wrap Food Labelling Machine 1

Up To


Label Feed Speed


Coding Options

Check-weight link


C-Wrap Food Labelling Machine 2
  • Requires narrow-edge leading labels

  • Food grade materials

  • Easy to clean, hygienic conveyor material

  • Integrated transfer belts to hold the pack whilst labelling

  • Can apply a single c-wrap or top label

  • Add a thermal transfer coder for batch, best before, barcode, or image over-printing

  • Can be linked to check-weight modules

Application Type

C-Wrap Labelling

C Wrap Food Tray.png

Perfect application on this particular food container is the goal, designed for shelf visibility and our machines ensure tight and presentable application to avoid products to be rejected due to a creased or damaged label. 


The C-Wrap system is a cost effective solution and supplied in a small footprint. A robust construction design means the machine can withstand the regular and rigorous cleaning procedures that are commonplace in food environments.

The system can hold a large maximum label reel of ø400mm and offers simple adjustments to allow for quick changeover to reduce wasted production time.

Our machines ensure a consistent accurate label application, so products look great on the shelves. 

C-Wrap Food Labelling Machine 3
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