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Holland and Barrett Testimonial

“We have been using Premier Labellers for over 4 years and continue to invest in our site to move with the times and keep the tech fresh and up to date with them. This shows that we have a good relationship with the company and respect that they are one of the best, if not the best company in the market at this moment in time. Holland & Barrett are always looking to keep in front with technologies as we grow the business and more into new territories. To this end, we have chosen to work with Premier Labellers predominantly with our VHMS packing area. Premier Labellers always strive to improve our operations, are very flexible, and work closely with our engineers to understand/eliminate (where possible) any constraints. This gives me confidence that they put our business first and not just the sales they will make from us. We will continue to work with them improving on an already strong and progressive relationship.”

Pharmapac Testimonial

“We have been using Premier Labellers for nearly ten years now and will soon be running up to thirteen machines from Premier. That fact itself speaks volumes in regards to our relationship with the team down in Harwich. Other points that factor into this relationship are Premiers’ willingness to react to our needs, in sometimes what would be called an incredibly short timeframe. We pride ourselves at Pharmapac UK on our reaction times to our Customers’ requirements and the requirements of the Industries in which we work, we need our suppliers to compliment that which Premier Labellers do so well. The range of machines they present covers every aspect of label application a CMO could ask for, at a cost and quality that cannot be matched by any other reputable suppliers.” 

Brewdog Testimonial

"Dealing with Premier Labellers has been a pleasant experience from the start of investigation/quoting through to installation and commissioning of our machine. We have received excellent support on the phone whenever required and feedback has always been prompt. The installation of the machine went smoothly and we are already looking at a potential second machine for our USA facility. We had a technical issue with the machine just after commissioning was completed but Premier Labellers were quick to offer support and help us solve the problem."

Arcania Apothecary Testimonial

"The service Premier Labellers have given us when we first approached them with the task of supplying us with a labeller, that could not only keep up with the demand of high volumes but also be flexible enough to handle a varied size range in containers, has been excellent. From the initial change part design and testing, through to installation and commissioning of the machine, it really has been first class. The labeller machine itself is both easy to set-up and reliable - it continues to produce product that meets our high quality standards. We would have no hesitation in recommending Premier Labellers, and we are looking forward to many years with Premier Labellers as our business partner."

MH Foods Testimonial

"Premier have delivered our labeller service faultlessly and in addition the engineer was very patient & took the time to  train operators on additional process, enabling even better efficiencies than we were experiencing. Mathew is a great asset to any team!"

Bidfresh Testimonial

“Premier Labellers are a highly knowledgeable team, who have supported us through some challenging times. They have worked with us to ensure we delivered our products on time and supported our growth. They have offered technical support on site, as well as labelling innovation”

Mellow Yellow Testimonial

“Farrington Oils have been dealing with Premier Labellers for around five years. The excellent customer service received to date has made the relationship between the two companies incredibly strong across all aspects of our needs as a customer. We are confident when contacting them we will receive prompt, flexible and effective support which further underscores the wide industry knowledge on offer. Since taking delivery of our three-roller wrap label system we have seen improvements in appearance and quality from the systems ability to cater for inconsistencies in the glass product. This together with other benefits such as increased throughput, reliability and easy set-up when compared to our previous original linear wrap system makes us confident we have made the right choice. Therefore when the time came to explore other potential products to add to our product portfolio, Premier labellers were the obvious partner to work with leading to a further purchase more recently.”

John West Foods Testimonial

"Tracie and the team at Premier are always keen to help, you can go in with a problem and they will do everything in their power to send you away with a workable resolve."

1 Dry Wash Testimonial

"We are a small company and have been working with Premier labellers for 4 years. They do all our liquid filling and send out our large orders.


Premier labellers treat us like any other business regardless of our size. We get total commitment from them.


Quality of the work has been excellent. Staff communicate directly with me when required. I would highly recommend Premier Labellers for your needs."

Cooper Vision Testimonial

“We have been using Premier Labellers on site for the last 12 years and have just upgraded our lines with the latest version of the P250. This Labeller gives us the flexibility we need whilst providing us with a machine that is reliable, easy to use and setup and built to a high standard whilst maintaining a completive edge. Their highly skilled and knowledgeable team have supported us through FAT, commissioning, installation and any online issues. We have also invested in their P110 tamper evident labellers for all our line and have found these small agile labelling heads to be an excellent cost effective solution. This is what Premier do best, they provide you with excellent customer service, supply machines that suit your needs without over complicating and partner with you to understand your business and meet your requirements. With current production needs circa 35million labelled bottles we needed a supplier that could consistently deliver and provide support as and when needed. Premier have demonstrated this and are our chosen labelling partner”


"Great support from Premier Labellers with excellent reaction time for issues we were having with an inherited machine which we had very little knowledge about.


Friendly and informative Engineers visiting our Food Safety rated site with a good understanding of our Operational requirements to get the job done smoothly and efficiently under our downtime constraints."

BYBI Logo.png

"Premier Labellers stepped in and helped us out when our other supplier let us down. Their commitment to quality and diligence is unparalleled and we're so lucky to have been introduced. The team go above and beyond always and it's such a relief to have partners like them!"


"Just to say a big thanks to John (Service Engineer) for the excellent customer service he provided us on this service visit and every other service he has carried out. As always his workmanship and attitude were excellent also  the issue with service requirements John carried out work on all label machines with limited spares and time he had. Just wish all my contractors had the same attitude as John."

Celtic Wind green and silver logo.jpg

"We are delighted to be partnered with Premier Labels. We have found them to be very professional, producing work with great attention to detail, and are agile enough to turn things around very quickly. For a company such as ours,  working in a fast-paced and growing industry, its important our partners can react in real-time ”.

Duel Auto
NT Logo.jpg

"We have been working with Premier Labellers for a few years now. They are very knowledgable and willing to work with us to ensure the machine does exactly what we were hoping for (and more)! The training they provided meant all staff were up to speed on how the machine works. They have provided us with excellent customer service and after sales support."

Duel Autocare are a new business that has grown from strength to strength. However, the weakest link for us was, unfortunately, the previous labelling machine supplier. I am sure we could write a book on the issues we experienced and some of you wouldn't quite believe half of it, but, we feel it more appropriate to highlight why we chose Premier Labellers and, more importantly, why we will only ever use them in the future.


We received exceptional service from the initial contact we made with Premier Labellers. They walked us through the available machines to decide which route would be best for us. We were invited to their premises to see the machines working, which helped us understand the process and available limitless options. 


Throughout the ordering/manufacturing process communication was impeccable, installing complete confidence that we had made the right decision. Once the machine had been built and installed, we were given extensive training to understand the core features and configure the machine for the different sized labels that we use.


Since the install we have needed to call on Premier Labellers for technical help, and they have been there, with no hesitation, giving us the necessary support to solve the issue without any downtime. As a small, dynamic business, we need suppliers that can be agile, and Premier Labellers fit the bill.  I can never see us using an alternative supplier.

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