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"A Special Thank You"

To all the people that have supported me through the terrible times of COVID 19, I want to say a massive Thank you.

With over 23 years with Premier Labellers, 2020 was the year I purchased the company with vision in sight, but this has to be one of the largest business challenges I have ever had to face. There couldn’t have been a worst time to buy a business as we all face a global pandemic. As the stress and long nights of conducting a buy out came to an end, we finalised on a high and our team had never been more positive and motivated for the future of Premier. With Covid-19, our work lives and routine were shaken and disorientated as was the rest of the world. Having spoken to many businesses over the past couple of months, some of which will sadly no longer be able to operate due to the pandemic, I cant thank people enough for giving me support during this time whilst the importance of helping each other out has never been so prominent.

My Team have inspired me with their commitment to making a difference in these unprecedented and challenging times. Our collaborative innovations to take on this challenge and to move forward as a stronger team than Premier has ever experienced, I have personally learned a lot. Prior to the pandemic, I was called the “Rookie” when it comes to technological change in the workplace due to my lack of IT knowledge. Thankfully some of my team excel in this area of technology and we have had to invest heavily in new technologies and processes to ensure staff were able to work from home and/or other locations whilst keep safe.

Having to rapidly adapt and rethink our priorities to remain open, my team took it upon themselves to coordinate a pandemic proofed environment which would be safe and comfortable for each of us. Learning every day during COVID, I have felt helpless at times watching people’s emotions take a toll as it has effected everyone in different ways. We have shed tears, laughter, anxiety, lots of chocolates and so much more to get through these terrible times. I am so very proud to see the dedication everyone has given, I am blessed to have such a great work force. We are coming out of this stronger as a business and a team, we have restructured to ensure we can survive anything TOGETHER.

To be open and accessible to change has been our driving factor to remain operational during this time. As we work together as a business, a family and as a country, we must see the positives that we can take away from this horrific event to move forward, more experienced as a unit.

Thank you to all my friends, family, colleagues, customers, businesses, suppliers, delivery men and everyone else in between for remaining strong and focused. Let get through this together and take on the changes for the good as we continue to adapt and grow.

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