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Meet the NEW Owner of Premier Labellers

With growth comes strong leadership, from the 9th March 2020 Premier Labellers are proud to announce the confirmation of our Managing Director Tracie White, becoming the proud owner of Premier Labellers. “Working for Premier Labellers for over 23 years and curating my perfect team, I am now ecstatic to be able to control and direct the company towards an exciting era of machinery and packaging services” says Tracie White.

Within the last few years Premier have been making small developments to the business to align ourselves with the developing industry of labelling machinery and packaging services in the UK and beyond.

After a 2-year long process of the buy-out, we have finally confirmed the agreed terms and Tracie now owns the company. In which the control of Premier can be rectified and direct it to where it deserves to be. With growth in mind, Premier have some very exciting plans in the pipeline for 2020. With new leadership comes change as Premier launch a rebranding effort that includes a new look to not just their branding but the look of their machinery too. “As we move into the new decade, we want our machines to move with us too! Premier machines have continued to improve over the years with experience and our expert team of design, electrical and mechanical engineers. However, the external aesthetics was always behind our technical developments. With our new ‘Twenty20’ range we aim to bring our machines to the future and compete on a global scale with our fantastic machinery” says Damian McGloin (Operations Director). Keep an eye out for the improved Premier with their new fantastic new branding while remaining to represent the British colours for their product UK manufactured packaging solutions.

“We look forward working effectively with our current customers and enticing new customers to work with us for the foreseeable future. It is our goal to grow and thrive in our industry while providing solutions for our customer to do so too” says Tracie White.


If you are looking for labelling machinery, contract packing services or turnkey solutions then get in touch with Premier today and meet your packaging specifications with ease.

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