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Premier P120 Mini-Wrap
Simple In Line Linear Wraparound Labelling System

Product Summary

The P120 Mini-Wrap is a dedicated, compact wraparound labelling system. It is an ideal solution for small production lines where speed takes priority over labelling quality. This is a significant upgrade in speed and reliability vs a semi-automatic (benchtop, or desktop) system and at an affordable cost, that will soon pay for itself in operational labour savings. The P120 is the smallest in line linear wrap system we offer with some optional extras available to have automatic product spacing and/or date coding units integrated onto the machine. The P120 comes with an ultrasonic label gap sensor which suits any label up to 210mm high and is fully compatible with any label type. This machine uses the same standard P100 label head that is used across many of our other P range. We do not recommend using this machine for transparent labels on glass bottles; for this application please view the P120-3RW.

Product Summary


High Speed, Budget Friendly Machine

P120 Mini Wrap Labelling Machine by Premier Labellers.jpg

Up to 100ppm, labelling speed

*Depending on label length and container diameter

Tech Specs

  • Maximum throughput of 100 units per minute

  • Minimum bottle diameter: Ø25mm

  • Maximum bottle diameter: Ø150mm

  • Minimum bottle height: 20mm

  • Maximum bottle height: 200mm

  • Minimum label length: 40mm

  • Maximum label length: 300mm

  • Minimum label web width: 20mm

  • Maximum label web width: 200mm

  • Maximum Ø300mm label reel with Ø76mm core

  • Straight-sided round bottles only (no taper)

  • Not ideal for clear plastic labels; we recommend the P120-3RW

Tech Specs
ICE Zodiac Hawk Coder.jpg

Add an integrated over-printer


Premier quality made simple

P120 Mini-Wrap Linear Wrap Unit.jpg

Our range of labelling machines have fantastic application potential to a variety of different product containers. The P120 on the other hand, is designed to label do one thing very well, so it is dedicated to wraparound labelling. 

Application Types
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