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P Range

Quality Made Simple

Ideal for small production lines

Premier Labellers' "P" range of machines are designed for businesses with a demand for automation without any of the luxuries found within our higher specification systems. Basic machines with simple operator setup and a budget-friendly design from a British manufacturer. The P range is quality you can rely on from a UK supplier, with a dedicated customer support team to help you on your automation journey.

Front & Back Blue.png

Front & Back

Wraparound Blue.png


Top & Base Blue.png

Top & Base

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Front & Back Labelling Machines

Front & Back

Versatile Front, Back, and Wraparound Labelling Solution

The ideal machine for contract packers and contract manufacturers. The most flexible labelling system within our portfolio that is suited to any industry across thousands of applications and proven over 30 years.

P150 Labelling Machine


Front and Back Labelling Solution for Chemicals

The P150 is suited to lower speed production lines. It is ideal for less accurate labelling requirements in certain industries such as oils, chemicals, lubricants, etc.


Wraparound Labelling Machines

P50 Low-09.jpg

P50 Mini-Wrap

Your First Wraparound Labelling System

Why settle for the slow speeds of semi automatic benchtop machines, when you can have a compact fully automatic machine? The same Premier quality, without the extra features.

P120 Mini-Wrap Image


Basic, but Fast In-Line Linear Wrap System

Similar to the P50, this machine is dedicated to linear wrap but this model is built for in-line use with an optional twin pitching mechanism. The P120 can include a thermal transfer coder for on-line coding.

P120 b2.jpg


For Quality Over Quantity

The P120 Three-Roller Wrap is slower, but is a much more accurate way of applying wrapround labels, particularly transparent and/or plastic labels. Optional coding and pitching system available.

Top & Base

Top & Base Labelling Machines

P 100 Applicator.png

P100 Applicator

A Flash Label Applicator with H-Frame

A simple label head on a stainless steel H-frame to apply small labels onto the top of packs. Very popular for applying promo stickers to food packs and trays.


P105 Top & Base

Essential Top & Base Labelling

The P105 is our basic solution to applying top and base labels in one pass onto meat packs and food trays. 


P110 Top & Base

In-Line Top & Base Labelling

The P110 is a good in-line top and base labelling solution. It can double-up as an end-transfer device, or can offer space for applying inkjet codes to the base of containers.


C-Wrap Labelling Machines



Narrow-Edge Leading C-Wrap Labelling System

Designed to apply a single label across three panels: top, leading edge, and base. A traditional C-Wrap labelling machine with SS cabinet for food environments.

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