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Premier P120 Three-Roller Wrap
High Quality Wraparound Labelling for SMEs

Premier three-roller wrap labeling systems have been a landmark design for labeling a range of cylindrical products within the Health and Beauty industry. Our tested and proven design specifically ensures correct vertical positioning, high-quality application, and fast output. The three-roller wrap system gives the opportunity to apply the label registered rotationally to an existing feature of the product container, for example, a seam or a pre-existing artwork already present on the product. For contract packers with a wide range of SKUs, we recommend our X250.


The Most Accurate Wraparound System in Our P Range


Up To


Head Feed Speed




Change-Part System

  • Up to 40 labels per minute (Dependent on label length and product size) 

  • Premier P100 Label Head

  • Flexible Ancillary Options

  • Higher Accuracy of Label Placement vs Linear Wrap Systems

  • Simple tooling for changeover

  • Single or Dual Label feed functionality

  • Label Spotting placement

Application Type

Three Roller Wrap Application


The three-point contact is designed to eliminate label creasing/bubbling that is caused by inconsistencies in glass products. It is also highly recommended to remove visual imperfections behind any transparent labels as the three roller system stretches the plastic label onto the product.

The P120-3RW is capable of applying a single full wrap label or two labels in orientation to each other around the circumference of the product using our innovative three-roller system.

Round only containers - Anything from 20mm diameter to 150mm.


Almost any type of round container in glass or plastic can be labelled accurately with our three-roller system, with extreme precision at speeds of up to 40 products per min.

For precise wraparound labelling at even higher speeds, view our P360 auto-switching system.

Options to include overprinting unit on the label head, or transfer belts and inkjet printers for batch coding onto the bottle. 

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