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Also known as over-wrapping, our staff can apply a cello-wrap sleeve to your product with neatly folded and sealed edges, which is extremely popular for perfumes and other high value point of sale items.

Cello-wrapping can be combined with any of our other services, or as a stand-alone service that  provides an excellent presentation finish to products.

Not only does cello-wrapping look neat, it also acts as a form of tamper evident seal, so the end user can identify that their product has not been tampered with prior to the sale.

With your product protected in a layer of cellophane (cello-wrap), it will also benefit from a longer shelf-life, as well as added protection from scratching and moisture.

The cellophane wrap that is used at our site is also biodegradable, making it an excellent choice for going green.

For any questions in regards to any of our contract packing services, please contact:


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