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Premier P105

Top & Bottom Labelling Machine

The Premier 105 Top & Bottom labelling machine has been designed to apply labels accurately to the top and/or base of any product with a flat surface.


The labelling heads can also be turned on or off independently, which allows the machine to apply: both top and base labels simultaneously; top labels only; or base labels only.

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Application Type

Top and Bottom Label Application

Top Labelling Image.png

One of the most widely used types of labelling application is Top and Bottom Labelling. Often used to apply variable data to products or preprinted packaging, such as a list of ingredients, product hazards or weight information. Many products that use top and bottom labelling include meat and vegetable products, snack products and is also used for cosmetics and medicines. Depending on requirements, only the top or only the bottom may be labeled as the product passes the applicator. Positioning and accuracy is highly sought after in consumer products to ensure product shelf quality is maintained. 


Top and bottom labelling can also be used for secondary packaging like outer cardboard sleeves and boxes. 

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