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2022 Christmas Opening Times

Hi everyone,

Our small team at Premier Labellers work extemely hard throughout the entire year. So, when it comes to the festive period, we give our staff a well-deserved break to spend some quality time with their families.

The dates for this change every year, depending on when Christmas falls, and this year's dates are listed below:

Monday 19th December - business as usual.

Tuesday 20th December - business as usual.

Wednesday 21st December - last chance to order any spare parts for machines, and last day for booking in deliveries for contract packing.

Thursday 22nd December - last working day, business closes at 16:00pm.

Friday 23rd December - Monday 2nd January - closed.

Tuesday 3rd January - back to business, open at 08:30am.


Please note: emails and calls will not be answered during the closure, so please make sure you book in any service work and spare parts orders in advance, to keep you going during our break.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from the Premier team.

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