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Wraparound Labelling Machines

P50 Low-09.jpg

P50 Mini-Wrap

Your First Wraparound Labelling System

Why settle for the slow speeds of semi automatic benchtop machines, when you can have a compact fully automatic machine? The same Premier quality, without the extra features.

P120 Mini-Wrap Image


Basic, but Fast In-Line Linear Wrap System

Similar to the P50, this machine is dedicated to linear wrap but this model is built for in-line use with an optional twin pitching mechanism. The P120 can include a thermal transfer coder for on-line coding.

P120 b2.jpg


For Quality Over Quantity

The P120 Three-Roller Wrap is slower, but is a much more accurate way of applying wrapround labels, particularly transparent and/or plastic labels. Optional coding and pitching system available.



Our Advanced Hybrid Rotary / In-Line Machine

The P360 offers exceptionally high speeds that would match small rotary machines. It is a rotary / in-line hybrid that offers zero-downtime with the quality of three-point contact labelling, and unrivalled product handling.

P250_FRONT Transparent (1).png


High Speed In-Line Linear Wrap System

The P250 is a modular design but this specific model is designed to for high speed bottle labelling lines. This can include single or twin head configuration for zero-downtime; popular with Brewery lines.

P250_FRONT Transparent (1).png


High Speed In-Line Linear Wrap System

An upgrade over the P120-3RW. The P250 allows users to run a three-roller application at higher speeds and more accurately. This can include single or twin head configuration for zero-downtime.

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