Wraparound Labelling Machines

P120 Labeller Application

P120 Three-Roller Wrap

Medium Speed, High Accuracy Wraparound Bottle Labelling

The P120 Three-Roller Wrap has been designed to handle almost every type of medium and high speed wraparound bottle label applications. Capable of applying a single full wrap label or two labels in orientation to each other around the circumference of the product using our innovative three-roller system. Almost any type of round container in glass or plastic can be labelled accurately with our 3 roller system, with extreme precision at speeds of up to 60 units per minute.

P220 Three Roller System

P220 Dual Lane Three-Roller System

High Speed, High Accuracy Wraparound Bottle Labelling

Designed for use within any production line to provide high volume outputs in continuous operation, the P220 Dual 3RW now has the capability to reach much higher production speeds than any other single three-roller wrap system currently available. This is due to its twin lane conveyor system and dedicated product guide rail system that streams products from a single in-feed conveyor to either one of its two lanes.

P120 Mini-Wrap

P120 Mini-Wrap

High Speed, Medium Accuracy Linear Wraparound Bottle Labelling

The Premier P120 'Mini-Wrap' is a cost-effective wraparound labelling solution that is designed to handle round products, and will perform at an average speed of 80-100 units per minute. The unit is designed to suit contract packing environments and utilises small spaces with it's compact after-roll wraparound system.