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Premier X250 
Pharmaceutical In-Line Self-Adhesive Bottle Labelling Machine

Product Summary

The X250 is our highest specification, flexible automated labelling system in our product portfolio. It is based off of our renowned P250 model, which was developed over 30 years and stems from our first ever labelling system: The Premier P400. The X250 features our flagship 250 label heads and a familliar layout to our P250 contract packing labeller, but with a few additional upgrades specifically for pharmaceutical and high-end cosmetics production lines: The X250 has digital setting dials which link to reference numbers on our Process Optimisation screens, this aids operators to get their physical adjustments back to registered settings quickly. The control system is CFR 21.11 "ready" and we have an option to install additional software and licenses to upgrade to full CFR 21.11 standards. IQ/OQ validation documentation is included as standard. The X250 has various options for over-printing variable data, OCR print inspection, label placement inspection, and automatic rejection systems.

Product Summary
P250_FRONT Transparent (Edited).png


Fully Automatic In-Line Labelling System

High performance, simple setup

P250_SIDE Transparent.png

Modular Design for Flexibility

  • Front label head

  • Rear label head

  • Three-roller wrap unit

  • Linear wrap unit

  • Top hold belt

  • Chain alignment system

  • Twin pitching (spacing) rollers

  • Inspection cameras and sensors

  • Reject system

  • Date and batch coding unit

  • Digital setting dials for ultimate SKU recall

  • IQ/OQ documentation as standard

  • CFR 21.11 "ready" screen with optional software

P250_TOP Transparent.png

Built and tested in the UK to the highest standards

Case Studies

Real Businesses, Real Experiences 
Testimonials from our existing customers

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X250 Videos

X250 Videos

Watch Now

Our range of labelling machines have fantastic application potential to a variety of different product containers, bottles and jars. Some of the most popular containers for this machine are shown below. As the X250 is very customisable, we have been able to develop modular components to fit most containers with easy switchover capabilities. So if your irregular container is not listed, we most probably can still accommodate to your labelling needs. Get in touch and tell us about your product! 

Application Types
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