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Swallowfield Case Study

Swallowfield _ Premier Labellers

Cosmetics - Case Studies - Swallowfield

With more than 50 years of experience in formulating and supplying world-class products, Swallowfield is globally recognized for their expertise in aerosol delivery systems and their specialist portfolio of personal care and beauty products. An established leader in the personal care and beauty space, the company specializes in aerosols, hot pour products, cosmetic pencils, fragrance, and gifting.  


Being in the industry for more than 50 years, Swallowfield found flaws in their current production process and enquired for more specified labelling solutions with three different suppliers in which we were the most tentative option and became Swallowfield’s preferred supplier. Having purchased one of our P250 labelling machines, which is a fully flexible machine, it was used primarily for one particular branded hair product. This particular product needed a highly accurate wrap label and a top label applied to the cap. This application was a bespoke specification as the bottle was tall and unstable but we ran it at 70ppm in the three-roller attachment and it fitted their production needs.


Satisfied with our machines, Swallowfield purchased a second machine which was a dedicated P250-3 Roller Wrap as primarily their bottles are high quality wrap cosmetics products. Then a third machine purchased was a P220 dual lane three roller system so they can maintain three roller accuracy but at far higher speeds on lines that require volume. Swallowfield uses our machinery to label all of their products except their aerosol line as they are pre-printed bottles. Being one of our prized customers, Swallowfield offer some of the worlds most loved products in which we are proud to assist in the production process all with completely standard machines. 

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