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Premier X360 Rotary Labelling Machine
High Speed, High Accuracy Rotary / In-Line Hybrid Machine 

Product Summary

The X360 is our highest specification machine dedicated to wraparound applications. It is specifically designed to reach very high speeds whilst maintaining ultimate product handling stability within the star wheel format. This allows users to achieve the same accuracy as a three-roller wrap system but at far higher speeds. The machine uses twin front X250 labelling heads that auto-switch on a low reel detection to allow for continuous operation. The idle head then slides away for simple head threading and quick reel change. The X360 bridges the gap between enormous rotary systems and compact linear systems, giving you the best of both worlds without costing a fortune. Get in touch with our sales team for more information and pricing.

Product Summary


Rotary Speeds with Three-Point Contact Quality

Tech Specs

  • Maximum throughput of 220 units per minute

  • Minimum bottle diameter: Ø30mm

  • Maximum bottle diameter: Ø100mm

  • Minimum bottle height: 30mm

  • Maximum bottle height: 200mm

  • Minimum label length: 40mm

  • Maximum label length: 300mm

  • Minimum label web width: 20mm

  • Maximum label web width: 200mm

  • Maximum Ø400mm label reel with Ø76mm core

  • Straight-sided round bottles only (no taper)


Premier Quality & Stunning Design


Rotary Re-Imagined

P360 Layout Drawing.jpeg

Built with quality components at our UK factory


Our range of labelling machines have fantastic application potential to a variety of different product containers. The X360 on the other hand, is designed to label do one thing very well, so it is dedicated to wraparound labelling. The X360 is our fastest, most accurate wraparound labelling machine. Get in touch for pricing.

Application Types
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