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Premier take on the Harwich Half Marathon for Hawk Farm

Premier are taken on the Harwich half Marathon this April 5th 2020 to raise money for Hawk Farm Organisation, which is a wonderful organisation that helps people with learning difficulties, learning by achieving and activities. Close to Premier's heart we want to do what we can for Hawk Farm and support them for a long future.

We are currently in training and working hard to complete this 13 mile challenge. 3 of the team have signed up for the event including Josh White, Katherine Lammas and Dan Lee Searle whom have mixed abilities when it comes to being fit for the event. Josh, who is a keen fitness enthusiast has experience in long endurance cycling challenges in the past. Katherine and Dan have also taken on an intense training regime to prepare themselves for the big day.

With only 8 weeks to go until the event, we want to ask you to dig deep and sponsor us whatever you can in support of Hawk Farm Charity and our efforts to take on the challenge. You can donate in a few ways:

Online: Donate here!

In Person: Unit 2, Old Mercedes Building, Bathside Bay, Harwich, Essex, CO12 3HF, United Kingdom

Thank you all so much for your support!

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