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Save Money by Shrink Sleeving Cans with Premier Labellers

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Traditionally, many of you have been using printed cans. You can buy the printed cans directly from the supplier, fill them, and ship them as needed. However, with a huge global shortage of printed cans, lead times increasing, and the costs going through the roof, a lot of our customers have turned to us for a more flexible alternative...

Some of our customers in the beverage industry are utilising blank metal cans and using a shrink-sleeve to apply the artwork with us as their contract packing partner in the UK. This means you can purchase blank cans in bulk much cheaper per unit, and allows you to change your artwork at a moments notice with far less waste. Imagine buying thousands of printed cans, waiting twelve months for them to arrive, then finding out there is now a change within the product ingredients or the marketing department that makes the existing artwork redundant. Both of these scenarios require a new design which means either wasting hundreds of thousands of products, or sending them out to be over-labelled. This is very carbon-negative and a big waste of money for you. Shrink-sleeving cans is a far more flexible solution, allowing you to: bring out new ingredients, try new variants, test new flavours, test new markets, and more.

We have been running alcoholic cocktail cans on our sleeving line for Tapp'd Cocktails (image above) where the sleeve completely covers the can, apart from the rim, which gives it the same effect as a pre-printed cans. The Tapp'd sleeve also has a perforation which helps the end user remove the sleeve easy, ready for recycling; it is easier to recycle plain cans vs printed.

InTune are another company that have been using our contract shrink-sleeving service to apply various sleeve artworks to blank aluminium cans. InTune, like many of our customers in the beverage industry, have witnessed raw material prices fluctuate drastically and the minimum order quantities significantly increase for printed cans. If a raw ingredient price changes too much, they now have the flexibility to change the product recipe at a moment's notice, without being stuck with thousands of printed cans that have an incorrect ingredients list. The other option here would be to over-label to save on the waste, but it's still another process the can needs to go through and another cost to the manufacturer.

We have significant capacity here to run more contract sleeving jobs, which can be on cans or bottles; full-body and tamper-evident sleeving options are available.

Use the button below to contact our team, or call us on (+44) 01255 553822.

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