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Is Our P250 Labelling Machine the One For You?

Knowing what labelling machine to choose can be quite a monumental task, especially if you're not familiar with this type of production equipment. To help you decide, we have put together a summary of what our P250 is capable of, and what types of product and industries they are best suited:


Our P250 labelling machine is our most versatile model of self-adhesive bottle labelling equipment. It was originally designed for a contract packing environment so utilises simple setup, open plan access with any pinch and nip points guarded for operator safety, and a modular based system to switch between various product setups.

The HMI will recall up to 100 custom named recipes for all of your digital settings, and we can optionally supply digital setting dials to help less-skilled operators get 90% of the way back to a previous physical setting. There will always be some level of human interaction, but we have tried to make the process as simple as possible.

The P250 is a fully automatic system which means human interaction is only required for initial setup and label reel changes. It can be easily integrated into production lines or used as a standalone system with an operator feeding and/or unloading the machine.

The speed range is flexible but completely dependent on the label length and required pitch (spacing) between each product. Some factories are running small taster jam jars at 500ppm (products per minute) on a front and back application, whereas some customers are running 5L jerry cans at 10-20ppm.

The P250 is not designed with any specific industry in mind, but it is popular within the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. What is in the bottle is not as important as the container shape and size, unless you're handling chemicals that require an ATEX certification, in which case we recommend placing any labelling equipment outside of the hazardous zones.

Simply tell us your requirements, and we'll make it happen. Building the machines to specification in this way guarantees the machine is correct for your setup, and it also means you are only paying for modules that you actually need, as opposed to purchasing an off-the-shelf solution that might be overkill for you.

What Modules are Available?

P250 label heads We can supply anything from a single head, up to four heads on a single machine. Four heads allows for continuous operation with zero-downtime on a front and back application. The P250 label head has a feed speed of up to 50m/min.

Top hold belt

Required for front and back applications, the top belt holds product stable against the conveyor during labelling.

Chain alignment mechanism

A pair of flexible chains to align non-round and non-square products such as an ellipse shaped bottle.

Superior in terms of wraparound labelling accuracy at the cost of speed. The three-roller uses two idle gating rollers and a single driven roller allowing significant control over label application. Integrated spot-orientation sensors can also be offered to orientate labels to existing artwork, can seams, eye marks, and more.

Linear wrap system

Superior in terms of wraparound labelling speeds. Running at a ratio of 2:1 the linear wrap allows for the bottle to maintain linear motion during wraparound labelling for ultimate wrap speeds. However this system depends on good component and label quality for application accuracy.

Twin pitching rollers / belts

Rollers as standard but belts are supplied for higher speed applications for greater pitch (gap) control between products.

Above are the standard options available for the labelling process and we can supply every listed module on one machine to make it fully flexible on various product types. We can also supply a number of optional ancillary modules particularly of interest to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and healthcare industries. These include: coding systems, vision systems, reject and security options, full guarding, in-feed and out-feed collection systems, and more.

Having these options is essential for contract packers, and customers where you are never sure what is going to come through the door next. Modules can be retrofitted later on down the line, but it's always easier and more cost-effective to add them in at the front end. This allows for total flexibility and gives you piece of mind that the machine can handle most front and back applications and wraparound applications all on one system.

What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

"We have been using Premier Labellers on site for the last 12 years and have just upgraded our lines with the latest version of the P250. This Labeller gives us the flexibility we need whilst providing us with a machine that is reliable, easy to use and setup and built to a high standard whilst maintaining a completive edge. Their highly skilled and knowledgeable team have supported us through FAT, commissioning, installation and any online issues. [...] With current production needs circa 35million labelled bottles we needed a supplier that could consistently deliver and provide support as and when needed. Premier have demonstrated this and are our chosen labelling partner”

- Coopervision Manufacturing

Have We Missed Anything?

Visit the dedicated P250 page to view more information on the machine, and if we have missed anything please get in touch with our team and we'll be more than happy to help. If the P250 sounds like it it could be for you, then you can request a quote. Please provide all the information on the form, and pictures are a fantastic help for us!

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