C-Wrap Labelling Machines

Mini Cwrap.png


Medium Speed C-Wrap labelling Machine

The Premier C-Wrap labelling unit has been specifically developed at the request of the meat packing industry, to enable multi-pack stacking and eye level shopping, to encourage easy label reading. The three panel wrap labelling machine will label top, three panel, and full wrap packs; and can be supplied with an integrated check-weight system.

WEL90 C-Wrap Machine


Medium Speed Wide-Edge Leading C-Wrap Machine

Designed specifically for the meat, poultry, and fish packing industry; the Premier WEL90 is the latest in C-wrap, E-Wrap, top label, or virtual full wrap format labelling technology. The WEL90 is capable of applying narrow-edge leading labels in a wide-edge format, without the need to rotate packs. Variable code positioning within a 140mm window is now also possible with the WEL90, and is designed to offer a medium speed solution to applying labels to vacuum formed skin packs now commonly found in supermarkets.