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PackExpo Romania - Agent Search and Floor Nuts...!?

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

The business part:

Dan and I visited the PackExpo show in Bucharest, Romania, in search of a representative for Premier Labellers in South-East Europe. The event was largely successful and we discussed opportunities with various companies at the exhibition, some with a keen interest to work with us on not only the sales side but also from a local engineering support point of view. If you are interested in representing Premier Labellers in your local area, please email to discuss with me at:

The personal part:

The highlight of the trip has to be the food. We visited various places across our three night stay and had eaten some of the best food I have ever experienced, but also some of the strangest! It's not every day you walk into a steak house where you are greeted by a waiter who gives you a jug of peanuts, scooped from the front basket of a push bike. Then we were shown to our table. After walking across a very crunchy marble floor, we discovered that once the peanuts had been opened, the theme of the restaurant was to simply thrown the empty shells on the floor...

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