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PPMA Total Show 2019 - A Reflection

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Another successful PPMA Total Show completed at the NEC Birmingham. This year was an iconic show for Premier Labellers as it was our largest stand to date. Not only did we need the size of the new stand to exhibit our machinery comfortably but also as a statement of growth for the company and as a team. It is always a pressuring time preparing for these large expos, with so much in mind to make it our best one yet, it is vital to try to make sure all points are covered before the big day. As the time came, seeing our stand being built was the icing on the cake for the motive of the show. We would like to thank Guardian Display for their fantastic work on the stand, always friendly and entertaining as they build the stand with such an eye for quality standards.

As well as the size of the stand this year, we were also able to exhibit the refined build of our P105 Top and Base labelling machine. With the customer in mind, our engineers pay close attention to the usability of the machines from the operators’ perspective. By refining the cosmetics of the machine as well as its stability, the new P105 has taken that step further in aiding the operator’s ease of use.

With the Premier Labellers logo glowing royal blue overlooking our shiny new machines on the morning of the PPMA show, our spirits were high to see what type of engagement we would receive. The show flew by while catching up with the old and engaging with the new and overall it was a very successful event for Premier Labellers. Having already submitted our interest for an even larger stand next year, it will not be one to miss.

We were happy to invite our engineering team up to the PPMA event to join our stand as well as take some time to look around the event. Our mechanical design engineer Dan, had some words from the show – “It was great to come to the show this year as a guest and take some time to explore the supplier exhibits and physically examine some of the potential additions to our machines. These shows are very important for research and development purposes as well as general inspiration for our future projects. It is also great to form relationships with our suppliers on a face to face basis. Our stand itself was great to see, well-lit and exhibited at a high standard. It made me proud to see our machines shown on a stand that they deserve and it excites me even further for next year”.

These types of events really show the team effort that is needed for success along with the importance of customer relationships, strong support and team development. On the other side of the stand it was refreshing to see all of the innovative products, stands and teams exhibiting at full speed during the show. As the event flew past, the energy held high throughout with a feeling of success following. Roll on PPMA Total Show 2020!

If you missed us at the PPMA Total Show 2019 this year, get in contact from any of our contact details or social channels.

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