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Premier expand production lines to meet hand sanitiser demands

Due to the current circumstances of the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for Hand Sanitisers has gone above and beyond. We took action to implement additional lines into our production facility dedicated to this service.

Using some of the best packaging machinery from our network of suppliers, as well as our flagship labelling machines, we are able to efficiently produce large quantities of hand sanitisers. Including Filling, Capping, Labelling, Coding, Packing, and Distributing an estimated 3,000 bottles per hour, per line, with two fully automatic lines running two shifts plus other smaller semi-automatic lines to keep on top of regular contract packing work.

"As key workers, we now have a commitment to the UK to meet the demand and get these much needed products out to the customer and the public" - Tracie White, MD.

With industry experience, we are able to handle the pressure with minimal downtime, as our expert engineers are on hand to maintain efficient production. With a quick turnaround, no MOQs and the ability to package any shape of container or cap type are all strengths when taking on this challenge.

"Our current objectives are to maximise our production up time to meet the demand and help the cause to the best of our ability" - Damian McGloin, Operations Director.

Premier are continuing to be innovative and reactive every day to ensure we are contributing what we can to support our employees, customers, and the nation.

Let us know if you have bulk, bottles, and need assistance in getting this out to the general public. Contact us today.

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