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Duel Auto Care Case Study


Duel Auto Care are a UK based automative care brand that specialise in car detailing products and accessories. Founded by Sam Fallows and Lee Turner in 2020, the pair have developed a range of the highest quality automative detailing products. 


Duel Auto Care were a new customer for us in 2021, following Sam and Lee's disappointment with another labelling machine manufacturer. Our initial conversation was to discuss how the previous company had failed them, and we soon learnt why the pair were hesitant to invest in another machine... The previous supplier had charged them a lot of money, for an old machine, and failed to provide any kind of support for the unit whatsoever. This company then went totally silent on them, leaving the team with a machine that did not work: "we could write a book on the issues we experienced and some of you wouldn't quite believe half of it" (Lee Turner).

Lee and Sam visited our factory so we could demonstrate their own products on our P120-3RW, so they could see the exact quality to expect from this machine model on their own branding. It's fair to say they were impressed, and it was a relief for them to now be dealing with a company that provides a high level of customer service: "Throughout the ordering/manufacturing process communication was impeccable, installing complete confidence that we had made the right decision, [...] I can never see us using an alternative supplier" (Lee Turner).

They have been in touch with our technical team a few times to ask for advice on setups, and we have been able to support their needs immediately over the phone with a few suggestions. Duel Auto Care can rest-assured knowing that if any machine problems do come up the future, that our dedicated customer service team will be on the case straight away to get it sorted: "Since the install we have needed to call on Premier Labellers for technical help, and they have been there, with no hesitation" (Lee Turner)

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