Premier X450 
Zero-Downtime Versatile Labelling System

Product Summary

The renowned X250 automatic labelling machine advances to a zero-downtime system. A proven labelling system with hundreds of satisfied customers, re-imagined with auto-switching functionality to allow for increased efficiency on busy production lines. No more stopping lines to change label reels; let the machine's second head take over on a low-reel signal and simply change the idle head. Designed specifically for fast-paced packing lines; the X450 offers simple setup, incredible versatility, high speeds and the highest degree of labelling accuracy. The X450 is available as a twin front head system (dedicated to wraparound labelling), or a four head system for full versatility including front and back labelling.



Zero Downtime Labelling System

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Standard Premier Components

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Accurate Setup Recall


Our range of labelling machines have fantastic application potential to a variety of different product containers, bottles and jars. Some of the most popular containers for this machine are shown below. As the X450 is very customisable, we have been able to develop modular components to fit most containers with easy switchover capabilities. So if your irregular container is not listed, we most probably can still accommodate to your labelling needs. Get in touch and tell us about your product! 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.