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Premier X2000
Pharmaceutical Carton Labelling Machine

Product Summary

Part of the Premier "X" Range for pharmaceuitcal and cosmetics labelling, our X2000 tamper evident labelling machine is ideal for applying tamper evident labels to a range of carton sizes, with simple operator setup and functionality specifically designed for the pharmaceutical environment. The X2000 fully automatic carton labelling system has been designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with EU and FDA falsified medicine directives. 

Serialization Ready

Fully Automatic Tamper Evident Label Applicator Machine

P2000 Front.png

Up To


Label Feed Speed



CFR 21.11


P2000 sider.png
  • CFR 21.11 compliant

  • Simple operator setup

  • Unique digital carton width adjustment

  • Fixed datum edge for ancillary devices

  • Reduced vibration and false verification rejects

  • Stable product transport for accurate print grading

Application Type

Tamper Evident Label Application

Premier Tamper Evident Seal.png

The Premier X2000 Pharmaceutical Tamper Evident labelling machine can apply sealing labels firmly connecting the end flap(s) on the carton. From February 2019, all medicines with an active ingredient must include a tamper evident closure as an essential security feature if supplied to the European Union.


The X2000 is fully enclosed with magnetised locks and can only be opened with a 'call to unlock' from the HMI. We have also included two additional label reel discs outside the machine with a splicing station that removes the usual requirement of threading the internal heads.


Any manual turn-wheel height adjustments have digital dials and scales for highly accurate setup recall and these settings can be saved into an area on the HMI.

A dual reject system allows for the X2000 to check for missing label and any print problems simultaneously, which diverts products through reject shoot A for missing label, and reject shoot B for print/read problems. Each shoot then has a dedicated lockable drawer, reject verification, and bin full sensor.

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