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Helping The Community Stay Clean with Premier

Over the last few weeks Premier have been working with a range of UK Businesses to get Hand Sanitiser to the people that need it most. During the Covid 19 fight, everybody has been working around the clock from their armchairs and 2 metres apart to support the country during this uncertain time. The country has hit a multitude of challenges so far as more seem to keep coming, from Panic Buying to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Hand Sanitiser shortages at a national scale.

Premier has had to keep open and working double shifts to make sure that our customers are able to keep providing essential products to the country. Products such as food and medicines are crucial to maintain, Our Contract Packing Service package a large number of products as well as many household names use our labelling machines to complete their orders. Tracie White says "It is crucial we keep working under these tough times and support the countries essential products and services to keep going. We have completely changed our working environments to make sure our teams are safe and happy, keeping 2 metres apart and providing sanitiser to each and every one of them".

Due to the large shortage of hand sanitiser, we have had an influx of filling and labelling orders for many businesses. As well as large donations of the product to donate across the country and local communities. We are proud to say that we have so far donated over 10,000 bottles of sanitiser to care homes, hospitals, hospices, Pharmacies, Fire and Emergency services and Police stations to help meet their demands for the next few weeks.

Mayflower Medical Centre said "From all of us here at the surgery, THANK YOU to Premier Labellers for your generous donation of hand sanitiser. It's appreciated more than we can say.

MHA Alexandra House posted "Thank you to Premier Labellers who today gifted us a fresh batch of hand sanitiser to use in the home! The generosity from our local community during the outbreak has been outstanding and we will be forever grateful!

St Helena Hospice said "They are over the moon with the donation and have received enough to get them through the next 15 weeks!"

Damian McGloin (below) said "We just wanted to be able to contribute our services and skillsets and give something back to the community. With our fantastic network of suppliers, we have been able to ease some of the stress from the local community and keeping innovating to contribute further. We have an enormous sense of pride and admiration for what we have done here as a team. While this has been a tough time for everyone it has only strengthened the bond between us all at Premier and we will come out of this a much stronger and efficient workforce”".

An incredible team effort went out to make this a reality, as well as fantastic contributions from a list of generous and innovative businesses. We are always looking for more ways to be able to help out the general public get through this pandemic. Premier also created kids care packages that have gone out to a number of children across the community to keep them busy and educated. Following this we launched a small competition to collect home made pictures to support the public during this time. Our Winner will be announced on Monday 4th May, but ALL of our entries will be posted on our Social Channels to brighten up our community!

Dont forget to follow our updates and our Covid19 Fight on

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