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Our Digital Journey - Meet our newest Team Member!

Dan Searle and Josh White

With growth comes new talent, we are excited to welcome Dan Searle into the Premier Labellers family as our Digital Marketing Executive.

As our workforce continues to thrive as well as our business we would like to be able to engage with our customers further using social media, our website and other digital platforms. With Dan on board, he brings a breath of fresh air into the company and expresses his exciting goals for our digital future.

Dan says: “I am extremely motivated to get things going with Premier Labellers and become a part of the family. As technology is developing to make decisions easier and more convenient, as well as the way we all get our news and information. Adapting our digital strategy alongside this is the next step, we plan to help you follow our movements, products and developments throughout our journey. Using these channels we are also able to get closer to our clients, strengthen and build more relationships while maintaining our personal touch. .”

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