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How OEE can help you maximise profits on your labelling solutions

OEE is key for businesses to maximize on profits whilst maintaining low prices to their customers, as simply put: time is money:

"Today, in our contract packing department, I increased one of our line speeds from 37ppm to 50pmm just from changing a few minor settings on the touchscreen of our P250 labelling machine. This potentially increases revenue on that line alone by 35.16% and these changes had taken me less than 5 minutes to perform whilst monitoring production. These adjustments can be made on any of our machines to suit your production potential. OEE is key for businesses to maximize on profits whilst maintaining low prices to their customers, as simply put: time is money" - Josh White (Business Development Manager).

What is OEE?

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness and in basic terms it identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. OEE takes into account: planned and unplanned stoppages, defects, and rework time.

Improving on performance loss is simple once operators have the correct knowledge and training to set up the machine correctly in the first instance. Minor changes to system setup can go a long way in production terms.

For example: increasing line speed by just 5 units per minute on one line over an 8 hour planned production period can increase yield by up to 2,400 units per day, or 12,000 units per week:

5 units per minute x 60 minutes = 300 units per hour

300 units per hour x 8 hours = 2,400 units per day

This ultimately means greater profit margins for your business by increasing production capacity and reducing labour costs per unit.

Investing in efficient technology and providing a high standard of training for machine operators and technicians can help optimise productivity and lower labour costs. Changing the production process through means of automation reduces manual product handling time, benefits the manufacturing space, and increases OEE. (source:

Our expertise on implementing cost-effective labelling systems and full line solutions have developed over 25 years’ of industry experience.

New customers can benefit from modern technologies and advanced training from our technical support engineers.

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Existing customers can benefit from operation and maintenance training to help you get the most out of your machine.

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