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Cycle2Work Scheme

Premier Labellers are happy to announce that we have recently joined the Cycle2Work Scheme currently offered by Halfords.

Initially introduced in 1999, "cycle to work" is a Government initiative to encourage cycling commutes, as opposed to using a car or public services. Essentially the employer pays for the bike upfront (along with any safety gear), which the employees lease from the employer, with the costs recouped via a monthly salary sacrifice. Because the sacrifice is deducted prior to tax and national insurance, the scheme also means you make savings (32-42%) on your tax contributions and your employer saves 13.8% on National Insurance contributions. (Cycle2Work, 2018).

With mental illness and work related stress being at an all-time high, it is important to keep our brains as healthy as possible. Cycling isn't just beneficial to your physical fitness, it can also greatly benefit your mental health. A study undertaken by the YMCA suggested that people with a more active lifestyle can score 32% higher on a well-being test than those with an inactive lifestyle: 'If you’re in a good mood at your desk while everyone else has the Monday morning blues, it could have something to do with your ride into work'. (Robertshaw, 2017).

Find out more about the scheme here:

Thank you for reading.


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